8 Children Go Missing Every Hour In India!

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8 Children Go Missing Every Hour In India!
Every hour, eight children go missing in different parts of the country. This frightening truth of the disappearance of children is revealed by the latest figures of the National Crime Records Bureau. According to the NCRB data for the year 2019, 73,138 children went missing last year, including 21,074 boys, 52,049 girls and 15 transgenders. The most worrying thing is that in cases of child disappearances, there was an increase of 8.9% over 2018.

The maximum number of missing children cases has increased in Maharashtra, where 1,711 children went missing in 2018, this figure increased to 4,562 last year. Similarly, in Odisha, where 2,326 children disappeared in 2018, this figure has increased to 3,151 in 2019. A similar situation prevails in Haryana, which is among the richest states in the country, where 2,142 children went missing in 2018, while in 2019 this figure surpassed 2,815.

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Similarly, cases of missing children have increased in Kerala. In 2018, where 1,991 children went missing, in 2019, this figure has increased to 2183. In Rajasthan also, the incidents of missing children have increased over the last year. In 2018, 2571 children went missing in Rajasthan, the same figure has reached 3,655 last year.

By the way, the maximum number of children in the country are missing in Madhya Pradesh where 10,038 children went missing in 2018 and 11,022 in 2019. Delhi is no less infamous in this case. The capital has also registered missing reports of 6,355 children in 2019.

Thus, till 2019, as many as 1,19,617 children went missing, with India's number coming up significantly in the case of missing children across the world, which is very worrying.

These figures also show that organised rackets work behind the disappearance of children and that children are pushed into the profession of child labor, body trade or begging. Apart from these, childless couples who illegally adopt a child are also said to be involved in the trafficking of missing children.

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