After Dussehra, Air Quality Worsens In Delhi

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Delhi pollution
Delhiites had been breathing in clean air for the past three months but after burning of Ravan effigies on Dussehra and setting off fireworks, Delhi air has again turned poisonous. In the past 48 hours, Delhi air quality has seen a fall of 100 points.

After several attempts by the central government and the Delhi government, Delhiites had begun breathing in clean air. In the past three months, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi air had been measured between ‘Satisfactory’ and ‘Moderate’ categories. But now the situation has deteriorated again.

On October 8, on the occasion of Dussehra, Ravan effigies were burnt in various parts of Delhi and fireworks were also set off, after which an increase of about 100 points has been recorded in the AQI. According to the figures by Central Pollution Control Board, on October 5 the AQI was 98 but on October 6 the AQI increased to 127. After this, on October 7 the AQI was 130, on October 8 the AQI was 112, on October 9 the AQI was 173 and on October 10 the AQI was recorded as 211 points.

These figures are a big blow for the central and state governments, which are engaged in attempts to improve capital Delhi’s air quality.

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