Bihar Man Gives Property Worth Rs 5 Crore To His Two Elephants

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Bihar Man Gives Property Worth Rs 5 Crore To His T
A Bihar man, Akhtar Imam, has transferred half of his property worth Rs 5 crore to his two elephants, Moti and Rani. 

According to Akhtar Imam, he has been taking care of Moti and Rani since the age of 12. Now he has willed half of its property worth Rs 5 crores after Akhtar has formed a trust for elephant welfare, in which the money will be kept and used for their needs.

"Once, there was an attempt of murder made against me. At that time the elephants saved me. When some miscreants armed with pistols tried to enter my room my elephant started trumpeting. It woke me up and I was able to shout and raise an alarm due to which the miscreants ran away," Imam said.

Akhtar has been living away for the last 10 years from his wife and children, to whom he has willed half of his property. The remaining property is worth about Rs 5 crore, which includes farms, houses and bank balance, etc. Now, this is all for Moti and Rani.

However, his own family has become an enemy after doing so. Akhtar alleges that his family members are trying to sell the elephants to animal smugglers. He has demanded the safety of his and the elephants from Bihar's Chief Conservator and Patna Police.

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