BJP Conspiracy Clear, Rajasthan Governor Must Call Assembly Session: Rahul Gandhi

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BJP Conspiracy Clear, Rajasthan Governor Must Call

Rahul Gandhi has attacked the BJP amidst the ongoing stir in Rajasthan for the convening of the Assembly session between CM Ashok Gehlot and Governor Kalraj Mishra. Gandhi said that ‘the country is ruled by the Constitution and the law. Governments are formed and run by the majority of the people. The conspiracy to demolish the Rajasthan government is clear. This is an insult to the eight crore people of Rajasthan. The Governor should call a session of the Legislative Assembly so that the truth comes before the country.’

After Rahul Gandhi’s attack, Rajasthan Congress President Govind Dotasra has announced a sit-in demonstration on all the districts across Rajasthan. However, he said that only 50 people would be involved in the protest.

Earlier on Friday, CM Ashok Gehlot called a cabinet meeting at CM House from 10 am to 12 pm after the slogan-show of Congress MLAs in Raj Bhawan. The resolution was passed in the meeting that the Assembly session should be called as soon as possible. CM Gehlot said that the opposite Ganga is flowing in Rajasthan. To prove the majority, Congress wants to call a session of the Legislative Assembly. This step should have been welcomed by the BJP as this has been the tradition of democracy. CM Gehlot said that the Governor is our constitutional head and that is why we request him to call the assembly session immediately.

On the other hand, Governor Kalraj Mishra wrote a letter to CM Ashok Gehlot, objecting to his statement about the Raj Bhawan encirclement and asked whether there is still law and order in Rajasthan. The Governor asked that then in such a situation when Raj Bhawan is gheraoed, which agency should you contact for protection? At the same time, Governor Kalraj Mishra says that the session of the immediate assembly cannot be called. According to the constitution, under normal procedure, 21 days notice is required to summon the session. The governor said that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot did not mention any important reason and agenda so that an emergency session of the assembly could be called.

At the same time, Congress and CM Ashok Gehlot are seriously considering legal options and political weapons on this entire matter. However, Congress is adamant that they have a majority and are fully prepared for the floor test.

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