Black Marketing of Beds in Delhi Hospitals, CM Kejriwal Warns - 'Won't Be Spared'

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Black Marketing of Beds in Delhi Hospitals, CM Kej

After Mumbai, the corona chaos is also growing among patients in Delhi. Due to lack of admission, a huge crowd gathers outside all the hospitals and they are not getting any help. Meanwhile, black marketing of beds is also going on in Delhi hospitals. CM Arvind Kejriwal has said that hospitals that do this will not be spared.

Kejriwal said, 'A mobile app was launched in Delhi to stop the black marketing of beds. The aim was to make hospitals transparent, to make information about beds and ventilators common. But on launching the app, there was such a ruckus as if the Delhi government had committed a crime.'

He also said that hospitals in Delhi were built to serve people, not to earn money. During the time of a pandemic, most of the hospitals are serving, but two to four hospitals are under the pretense that they will black market because they are being looked after by the other party, then I want to warn that such people will not be spared.

Meanwhile, the Health Department of the Delhi Government has cited guidelines of the Union Ministry of Health, saying that now patients with no symptoms and mild symptoms will not be admitted to Delhi hospitals. Such people should be discharged within 24 hours.

At present, the total number of infected patients in Delhi has increased to 26,334, out of which there are more than 15 thousand active patients. At the same time, 708 people have been killed due to COVID-19.

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