BMC Deputy Municipal Commissioner Dies of Coronavirus

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BMC Deputy Municipal Commissioner Dies of Coronavi
BMC Deputy Municipal Commissioner Shirish Dixit has died of the novel coronavirus. After his deteriorating health on Tuesday, Dixit's family reported to the BMC Authority but by the time they reached the agency's house, he had passed away. 

The 54-year-old Shirish did not show any symptoms of COVID-19 but positive results have been found in the investigation report, implying he was asymptomatic. His family is currently kept under quarantine.

BMC announced an assistance of Rs 50,00,000 to the heirs of its employees who succumb to COVID-19 while on duty.

According to an estimate, so far, more than 1700 employees of BMC have been gripped by the coronavirus, in which 55 have died. Mumbai is the biggest corona hotspot in Maharashtra. So far 1,871 Mumbai police personnel have been infected, of these, 853 officers have been cured and 21 have died.

At the same time, 82 officers of the State Reserve Police have also been infected with corona. So far, around three thousand police officers have been infected in Maharashtra and 30 officers have died. The good news is that in the last 48 hours, not a single case has been reported in the Maharashtra Police.

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