Camel Trade On The Decline In Pushkar Fair

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Camel Trade On Decline In Pushkar Fair
The Pushkar fair has begun, but the number of camels — the main attraction at the fair — is constantly on the decline. In this modern age, there is a danger to the existence of camels. Also known as ‘the ship of the desert’, camels are unable to keep pace with the changing times.

The situation is such that now there is a constant decline in the number of camels — the main center of attraction for tourists — at the world-famous Pushkar fair. 

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Looking at the falling numbers of camels, it is likely that if things don’t change soon, then in future, camels could vanish from the Pushkar fair.

Before 2007, camels used to come to the Pushkar fair to be sold in large numbers. After 2007, there has been a constant decline in the number of camels at the fair.

In 2001, the number of camels to be sold was 15,460. In 2018, this number was 3,954 and in 2019, this number was 2,981.

The camel was declared as the state animal in Rajasthan in 2014. After the declaration, the animal husbandry department imposed many types of restrictions on camels, which include a prohibition on taking camels out of the state.

After this prohibition, traders from outside the state stopped coming to Rajasthan. Earlier, traders from Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat used to come to the Pushkar fair for purchase and sale of camels.

Meanwhile, camel owners say that it is very difficult to look after camels, especially to make arrangements for their fodder. Apart from this, they do not get the right price for camels, due to which camel owners have now given up camel rearing.

If this situation persists, then camels might not be seen at the Pushkar fair in future.

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