Chandigarh Blackout: City Powerless For 36 hr, Water Supply & Hospitals Hit

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It was a ‘Black Tuesday’ for Chandigarh as the city went powerless. Several parts of Chandigarh faced disruption of power supply and have been left without electricity and water for over 36 hours in a major blackout. This outage has been caused due to the strike by electricity department employees in the city.  Virtual court hearing have also been affected as the workers carried out protests against privatization.

The power outrage disrupted electricity and water supply across the city mainly in sectors 20, 34, 36, 40, 42, 44, 49, 36, Kishangarh and Manimajra, with several business establishments and educational institutions coming to a standstill. The residents complained of not being able to contact the complaint centre because  their phone lines were either busy or the mobile phones of the officials were switched off.

"This has impacted telecom towers, which is leading to disruption in mobile network connectivity in impacted areas. Telecom operators and infrastructure providers are taking all measures to power their sites, exchanges by using alternate sources batteries, DGs, solar panels etc. in the absence of EB supply in some areas," SP Kochhar, Director General of Cellular Operators Association of India, said.

"Due to the ongoing electricity crisis in Chandigarh, telecom services are badly impacted in all the areas of UT and nearby states. Telecom towers in Chandigarh are fully dependent on the electric grid supply," the Digital Infrastructure Providers Association (DIPA) said in a statement, while warning that delay in resolution of crisis could impact network connectivity in a big way.

Chandigarh Health Services Director Dr. Suman Singh said, “We have a backup plan like we have generators. But you cannot put 100 per cent load of a hospital on a generator. So, we had to reschedule or postpone our planned surgeries."


Reasons and Demands of Electricity Department Workers Strike

The employees from the electricity department went on a strike on Monday night against Chandigarh’s administration decision to privatize the electricity department.

The employees fear that the privatization carried out by the department will  change in their service conditions and make it worsen for them, along with higher power tariffs for city residents.

The employee union have come out in support of the power men who started the strike on the midnight of February 21st.


Apart from this Anganwadi workers have also been protesting in Delhi since January 31st demanding payment of pending wages and better working conditions.  The Anganwadi women workers raised “Khabardar” (warning) to PM Narendra Modi and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

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