Chidambaram Launches Scathing Attack On Economy, Says Government 'Clueless'

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Chidambaram Attacks Economy, Says Government Cluel
Barely a day after he was released on bail from Tihar jail, Congress leader P. Chidambaram launched a scathing attack on the government's handling of the economy.

Addressing a press conference at the Congress headquarters on Thursday, Chidambaram said "We will be lucky to end the year if growth touches 5%. Please remember, Dr Arvind Subramanian’s caution that 5% under this government, because of suspect methodology, is not really 5% but less by about 1.5%."

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The former Finance Minister said that whereas the UPA lifted millions out of poverty, the present government has pushed millions into poverty. People who understood the economy were  banished by the BJP-led government, Chidambaram said, naming Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian, Urjit Patel and Arvind Panagariya.

He said the government is floundering and is an incompetent manager of the economy, adding that the economic slowdown is " unacceptable, a man-made catastrophe"

He also called upon the media to not be gripped by fear, saying " Media must speak truth to power".

The Congress MP arrived in Parliament on Thursday after being granted bail a day earlier in the INX Media money laundering case. Chidambaram said: "My record as Minister and my conscience are absolutely clear. Officers who have worked with me, business persons who have interacted with me and journalists who have observed me know that very well".

Watch the full Chidambaram press conference here:

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