China Border | India Reinforces Troops, Holds Mock Drills In Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh

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Indian Army Posts troops In Arunachal LAC
India has posted soldiers for training along the LAC (Line of Actual Control) in Arunachal Pradesh’s Eastern Sector. To deal with any threats from the Chinese side, the Army even conducted a mock drill in Tawang sector near the LAC. After the flaring up of border tensions between the two countries, tensions remains high in the region.

Eastern theatre commander Lt. General Manoj Pandey said that after the engagement of Indian and Chinese troops, and raising of a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Reserve Formation, Chinese military drills have increased near the disputed border of Arunachal Pradesh/ South Tibet in terms of scale and intensity. The PLA has been stationed there since last year.

Now, the Indian Army is gearing up to face any kind of situation in the region. The impasse between the Indian and Chinese armies in the Eastern sector of the Ladakh boundary has been ongoing since May 5th 2020, which was triggered by a violent confrontation in the Pangong Lake sector. China had increased its troop presence near this sector of the LAC following this incident.

The opposition has alleged that the Army was under-deployed in this region. The Prime Minister himself had gone on to state that no one had encroached on Indian territory, and no one has occupied Indian land. The Opposition had raised a furore over this since it was seen as a tacit admission that the lands under Chinese control were not, after all, Indian.

After this statement, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated in Rajya Sabha that China had ‘illegally occupied’ almost 38,000 square kilometres of Indian land. Singh stated, “Under the so-called ‘border agreement’ between China and Pakistan, Pakistan illegitimately handed over 5,180 sq. km. of Kashmir under its control to China”.

It is significant that China claims 90,000 sq. km. of territory in the eastern part of the Arunachal Pradesh border. National Herald says that China refuses to accept the ‘traditional alignment’ between India and China.

Tensions between the two countries have risen since violent clashes in the Galwan Valley last year on 15th June, in which 20 Indian soldiers and 5 Chinese personnel were killed. There have been 13 rounds of talks between the two sides since then. The latest round of talks was conducted on 10th October, which ended in a stalemate as both sides blamed each other for holding untenable positions.

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