Cold Wave Grips North India

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Cold Wave Grips North India
The entire north India, including Delhi, is in the grip of severe cold these days. Due to incessant snowfall in the hilly regions of the country, cold has intensified in national capital Delhi as well.

On Tuesday, cold conditions broke a 22-year-old record in Delhi, with the maximum temperature at 12.2 degrees. This is the second time since 1992 when the temperature in Delhi in the month of December has plummeted so much.

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People in Delhi are not stepping out of their homes much due to the sudden increase in cold in the past few days. The maximum impact of the cold has been on children and the elderly. People are relying on bonfires and heaters to keep cold at bay.

According to the Met Office, temperature in capital Delhi has fallen due to cloud cover, and fast and cold winds originating in the western Himalayan region. It also said that similar conditions are likely to prevail in Delhi on Wednesday as well, and the maximum temperature is expected to be around 14 degrees. Apart from this, the Met Office has predicted light rainfall on December 20 and 21. 

Chances of getting relief from cold wave conditions in most states of north India are negligible at the moment.

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