Congress Takes A Dig At Preparations For Trump's Visit

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Congress Takes A Dig At Preparations For Trump's V
Ahead of US President Donald Trump's India visit, the Congress party has raised several questions concerning the visit and demanded answers to them.

Randeep Surjewala, chief spokesperson of the Congress party has said that Donald Trump is coming to India on the invitation of a private organisation and also asked the Prime Minister why the Gujarat government is spending Rs 120 crore on a three-hour function?

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In his tweet on Thursday, Surjewala posed several questions to PM Modi. In his first question, he asked the PM who is the President of the Donald Trump Abhinandan Samiti (Greeting Committee)? In his second question, he wanted to know when was the invitation extended to Trump and when was it accepted? 

His third question was why is Trump saying that you (Modi) have promised him a grand event with 70 lakh people? In his fourth question, Surjewala wanted to know why is the Gujarat government spending Rs 120 crore for a three-hour event, which is being organised by an unknown private entity?

Earlier, the Congress party had asked that if the ‘Namaste Trump’ programme is being organised on the lines of the ‘Howdy Modi?’ function, then why have leaders of Opposition parties not been called?

Speaking on the issue, Raveesh Kumar, spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, said that the ‘Namaste Trump’ programme is being organised by the Donald Trump Abhinandan Samiti (Greeting Committee) and it is up to the members of the Committee to decide who is to be invited or not invited.

U.S. President Donald Trump is arriving in India for a two-day visit on February 24. This will be his first visit to India as President and his wife Melania will accompany him on this visit.

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