Coronavirus: Stranded Indian Students Call For Help

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Coronavirus: Stranded Indian Students Call For Hel
After claiming scores of lives in China, the deadly coronavirus is spreading fast in Italy, Iran and South Korea. While 40 people have died so far in Italy, around 85 Indian students stranded in a virus-hit town of Pavia have sent a call for help to the Indian Government and 400 Iranian students have appealed to their government for help.

According to media reports, after one staff member in the Engineering Department of the University of Pavia was tested positive for Covid-19, students have become apprehensive about their safety and 85 Indian students enrolled there have now appealed to the government of India for help.

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According to students, daily need essentials are depleting very fast in the area of Italy where they are staying. Since they are scared about the situation deteriorating further, they have asked the government to help them out. 

According to reports, given the hazards posed by the coronavirus, some Indian students had earlier booked tickets for their return home, but since their flights have been cancelled, they are now stuck in Italy.

Among the 85 Indian students stuck in Pavia are 25 from Telangana, 20 from Karnataka, 15 from Tamil Nadu, four from Kerala, two from Delhi and one each from Rajasthan, Gurgaon and Dehradun. Among these, around 65 are engineering students.

The coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in Iran, where 54 people have died from the growing outbreak of this disease so far.

Around 800 Indian students stuck in Iran have appealed to the government for help. The list of 150 students out of the around 800 students has been sent to the Indian Embassy and the list of the remaining students is being prepared. These students had gone to Iran for Islamic studies.

In South Korea, 17 people have died from contracting the coronavirus and 3,736 people have been found infected with it. Till now, 3,000 people have died across the world due to the coronavirus.

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