COVID-19: Blanket Ban On Blankets In Trains

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COVID-19: Blanket Ban On Blankets In Trains
Each day, new cases of the coronavirus are coming to light in the country. Among them are people who had travelled by trains and so, trains are also being sanitised now.

The Railway Ministry has said that until further orders, passengers of air-conditioned (AC) coaches will not be provided blankets.

The Central and state governments are taking all kinds of precautionary measures in view of the coronavirus. As part of this, the Indian Railways has now removed blankets and curtains from AC coaches.

However, passengers will continue to get clean, washed bedsheets, and pillows with pillow covers.

Passengers travelling in AC coaches have now been asked to bring along their own blankets. At the moment, blankets and curtains used in AC coaches are being washed thoroughly.

Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest rail networks. Around 2.5 crore passengers travel by more than 12,000 trains in the country daily.

Among the people infected by the coronavirus in the country are some who had travelled by train, and so, trains and all objects inside them are now being sanitised. 

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