COVID-19 Terror: Newspaper Sales Down By 80% During Lockdown

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Newspaper Sales Down By 80% Over COVID-19 Terror
The sale of newspapers across the country has suffered a huge blow due to the terror of the coronavirus. The sales of newspapers in several cities of the country have declined by 80%. Readers are fearful that the coronavirus infection could reach their homes if they buy newspapers.

The entry of hawkers has also been banned in all societies in Delhi-NCR.

Amit Goswami, a newspaper distributor in Kolkata, said that the sale of newspapers has fallen by upto 80%. A hawker in Kolkata said that most people have stopped buying newspapers.

People are scared that the infection could enter their homes and so, hawkers are not being allowed to enter societies as well.

Meanwhile, hawkers in Jammu said that earlier they used to get 70,000-80,000 copies of newspapers daily but now, they are getting only 15,000 copies.

According to the World Health Organisation, there is no risk of infection from newspapers because modern printing is fully automated. There is no use of hands in printing newspapers.

However, after this, during circulation, the supply chain consisting of distributors and hawkers does touch it by hand. 

Readers are fearful that they could get infected due to lack of sanitisation or negligence in the supply chain.

Meanwhile, the English newspaper The Hindu, along with several media organisations, has made access to its e-paper free for readers, who can read newspapers through the internet.

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