COVID-19: War Of Words Widens Rift Between US And China

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COVID-19: War Of Words Widens Rift Between US And
The coronavirus pandemic has increased the bitterness between the United States and China.

Blaming China for the spread of the coronavirus in the world, US President Donald Trump has indicated a recovery of compensation from China.

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The US, which has over 10 lakh coronavirus patients and has lost 56,000 citizens to the Covid-19 disease, has made it clear that if China wanted, this virus could have been stopped in Wuhan itself.

Trump told journalists at the White House that the US administration is angered with China over the attitude it has adopted towards the coronavirus. It believes that if the Chinese government had wanted, the entire world could have been saved from catastrophe, he said.

Trump said in clear terms that China can be made to recompense for the coronavirus through several methods and the US administration is currently engaged in an intensive inquiry against China.

A German newspaper has asked the government of China to pay $165 billion as compensation for the destruction caused by the coronavirus. 

After this, a debate is raging in Germany over the recovery of damages.

When Trump was asked if he will do the same, he said, “We have several other easy means. We are thinking about an amount which is several times larger than that asked by Germany but it has not been decided yet.”

Trump has attacked China over the coronavirus earlier too and has held it directly responsible for this pandemic. Several times, Trump has called the coronavirus the ‘Chinese virus’ from public forums, over which China has expressed its displeasure and in return blamed the US for the spread of the contagion in China.

Meanwhile, China has launched a counterattack on the US by giving indications about the recovery of damages. China has said that the US is telling white lies about the coronavirus. 

However, apart from the US, several other countries are also engaged in isolating China in view of the coronavirus.

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