Dalits, Tribals & Muslims Suffer Most By Lockdown

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Dalits, Tribals & Muslims Suffer Most By Lockdown
It has been more than 50 days since the lockdown was imposed but the exodus of lakhs of labourers from the country’s metropolises continues regardless. A majority among these poor daily wage labourers are Dalits, tribals and Muslims.

The United Nations conducted a study to find out the caste and religious background of the country’s poor and its report was released in 2018. Titled Global Multi-dimensional Poverty Index, this report revealed that every second person in India’s tribal community is battling poverty.

Similarly, every third Dalit and Muslim citizen in the country is bearing the brunt of poverty. Apart from this, 15% upper castes are also classified as poor.

In this report, along with people’s income, aspects such as their education, health, nutrition and standard of living were also taken into account, which revealed the state of poverty and inequality in the country. 

This study by the United Nations also gets the seal of approval from a National Family Health Survey Report of 2015-16.

According to that report, among the people with the least number of properties are 45.9% tribals (the highest number), 26.6% Dalits, 18.3% OBCs and 9.7% other castes. Apart from this, there are 25.3% people whose caste is not known.

Observed on the basis of religion, there are 21% Hindus, 18% Muslims, 11.4% Christians and 0.9% Sikhs who fall in the column titled ‘least number of properties’.

Similarly, a report released in November 2016 by the Ministry of Rural Development shows that among the people working under MGNREGA, the share of Dalits and tribals is over 50% and the remaining 49.3% is made up of OBCs, Muslims and people from the upper castes.

These reports indicate clearly that the nationwide lockdown is impacting Dalits, tribals and Muslims more severely, who have been left to fend for themselves.  

It is very difficult to predict if life will get back on track for these people who, numbering lakhs, are reaching their villages in the hinterland.

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