Delhi COVID-19 Situation Should Come Under Control In 7-10 Days: Arvind Kejriwal

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Delhi COVID-19 Situation Should Come Under Control
Amid the rapid surge in the number of Coronavirus cases, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal addressed a briefing on Friday, saying “the COVID-19 situation in Delhi should come under control in the next 7 to 10 days”.

"Even I am worried about the rise in the number of cases...We are taking all necessary measures...I hope in seven to 10 days, the number of cases should decline and the situation should come under control," Mr Kejriwal said in a public message.

"The biggest reason for the spike in cases is pollution. Delhi had contained rising cases but after pollution increased, the number of cases also shot up," the CM said. All necessary measures are being taken.

"For the past 10-12 years, due to stubble burning, pollution increases in entire north India...Media shows situation in Delhi but the biggest problem is faced by farmers," Kejriwal said.

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