Delhi Government To Roll Back 70% ‘Special Corona Fee’ On Liquor From June 10

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Delhi Government To Roll Back 70% ‘Special Corona
Liquor in the capital Delhi will become cheaper from June 10 as the Delhi government has decided to withdraw 70 percent 'special corona fee' on liquor. The special corona fee came into force from May 5 and continued till June 6, the state government earned 206 crores from it.

This decision was taken at the cabinet meeting of the Delhi government on May 7. In this meeting, it was also decided that VAT on liquor should be increased from 20% to 25%. So, liquor in Delhi will be cheap but not as much as it used to be before May 5.

The Delhi government had received input from the Excise Department that if liquor was sold too expensive in Delhi, smuggling from neighboring states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh could spike due to pent-up demand. This can also cause damage to the revenue of the Delhi government.

The biggest revenue source of the Delhi government is the sale of liquor. In the budget of 2020-21, the Delhi government estimated that it would generate Rs 6,279 crore from the sale of liquor, which is 14% of the total revenue estimate.

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