Don't Make It 'Sensational': Supreme Court Dismisses Plea Of Muslim Girl Students On Hijab Ban!

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Don't Make It 'Sensational': Supreme Court Dismiss
The Supreme Court upheld institutions' right to prohibit the wearing of hijab at educational institutions on Thursday while dismissing petitions seeking an immediate hearing on the topic in response to the Karnataka High Court's judgement. The petitioner's attorney was told by the Court not to make the matter "sensational."

The Supreme Court also declined to set a date for hearing the appeals. "It has nothing to do with the test...don't sensationalize," Chief Justice NV Ramana stated in response to the petitioner's counsel's plea to hear the case based on the girl students' exams.

Devdutt Kamat, a senior attorney, stated "The examination is scheduled to begin on March 28. A year will be squandered. All of these girls are barred from attending school. Court could set a date for next week." The CJI refused to listen to him after he made his plea.

However, this isn't the first time the Supreme Court has dismissed a petition after refusing to hear it. The Supreme Court has previously refused to hear the case. The Chief Justice then requested that the Karnataka High Court postpone its decision until the outcome of the appeal.

The Karnataka High Court upheld the decision to outlaw the hijab at educational institutions in a verdict issued on March 15. The court also declined to issue an order taking action against the administrators for barring Muslim female students from entering the campus and forcing them out of class.

Wearing the hijab "is not a required religious practise in the Islamic faith," according to the High Court, and freedom of religion is subject to reasonable limits under Article 25 of the Constitution.

This ruling of the High Court stunned legal experts, who were also seen denouncing it. The ruling of the High Court was also met with opposition by Muslim leaders. In response to the court's judgement, certain Muslim organisations in Karnataka called for a Karnataka Bandh. Muslim female students protested with the slogan "Hijab Is Our Right" in the midst of all this.

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