Fog Enshrouds North India Due To Snowfall In Hills

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Fog Enshrouds North India Due To Snowfall In Hills
The weather has changed once more because of snowfall in the hilly regions of the country. A layer of fog prevails in many areas of North India since Monday morning and similar foggy weather conditions will prevail till January 17.

Many cities of North India, including Delhi and Lucknow, are covered in a blanket of mist and fog, and the temperature continues to plummet in many areas after snowfall in the hills. 

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The common people are facing many difficulties due to the change in weather in entire North India. People say that they have to think twice before stepping out of their homes.

People are also saying that the government should make some arrangements to shield them from the cold so that they can get some relief.

Meanwhile, there is a likelihood of rainfall and hailstorm in Punjab in the next 48 hours.

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