Get A Packet Of Milk In Exchange For Plastic Waste

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Get A Packet Of Milk In Exchange For Plastic Waste
Several campaigns are being launched in different parts of the country to keep cities clean. As part of this, the Panchkula Municipal Corporation in Haryana has launched a waste exchange program, in a bid to get the city included in the category of clean cities in the year 2020. 

This program is the first-of-its-kind in the country. Under this program, four vita booths have been set up in the city, where half-a-litre milk is being given free in exchange for 10 plastic bottles. Also, 200 gm curd is being given in exchange for 500 gm plastic and one packet bread or juice is being given in exchange for 500 gm plastic or five plastic bottles.

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According to the executive commissioner, Panchkula Municipal Corporation, there has been a very good response to the exchange program. Going forward, it will be started in other areas of the city too.

The use of plastic has been banned in several states in the country, and in other places, this campaign is underway. Amid this, the step taken by Panchkula Municipal Corporation is praiseworthy.

A recent WWF report has found that each year, an average person is swallowing pieces of plastic as small as 1 millimetre. That is, every week, 1,20,000 people are ingesting 1,00,700 plastic bits through water, 1,82,000 through shellfish, 11 via salt and 10 through beer. 

Microplastic enters the body through the air too. Researchers still do not have clear information about the harmful effects of plastic entering the body over a long period of time.

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