Govt To Privatise 150 Trains & 50 Railway Stations

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Railway Stations
After the Lucknow-New Delhi Tejas Express was handed over to private players, the process of privatisation has gathered momentum. Now, it has been decided that 150 trains and 50 railway stations will be handed over to private entities.

This information has been revealed in a letter written by Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant to Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav. The letter states that the Railway Ministry wants to have 400 railway stations equipped with world-class services but in the past few years, this could not happen. Only a few railway stations have been developed under the EPC Mode.

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Amitabh Kant has written in the letter that keeping in mind the recent experience of privatisation of six airports, now at least 50 railway stations will be developed. In this matter, detailed talks with the Railway Ministry were held. The letter also mentions that in the first phase, the Railway Ministry has already decided to hand over 150 trains to private train operators.

Privatisation of Indian Railways is being carried out based on the recommendations of a committee formed in 2014 and headed by economist Bibek Debroy.

The central government is enumerating the advantages of privatisation but employees’ unions are opposing it and warning that they will start a major movement against it.

Indian Railways is the biggest employer in the country but after privatisation, the doors to such jobs will also get closed.

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