Gujarat Ranks Third In Non-Notified Slums

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Gujarat Ranks Third In Non-Notified Slums
A seven-feet-high wall is being built to conceal a slum in Ahmedabad before the India visit of U.S. President Donald Trump.

This slum is located between the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport and Indira Bridge. President Trump will take this route on February 24 and that’s why this seven-feet-high and half-a-kilometre long wall is being erected in front of this slum.

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After the wall is complete, plants and trees will be planted here, so that the slum is completely hidden from view.

When Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Mayor Bijal Patel was asked about the reason for building this wall, she tried to avoid giving an answer.

The construction of the wall in front of the slum is being opposed, with Opposition parties alleging that the slum is being concealed to prevent it from being seen by President Trump. They also said that if the Gujarat government does not want Trump to see the slums of Ahmedabad, it should make them ‘pakka’ (permanent).

However, according to statistics, Gujarat is ranked third among states in the country with the largest number of slums. After Surat, Ahmedabad is the second city in Gujarat with the maximum slums.

According to the Ministry of Urban Development, there are 19,749 non-notified slums in the country. Among these, the largest number of slums - 5,769 - is in Maharashtra. While West Bengal has 2,684 slums, Gujarat has 2,058 slums.

Data reveals that 3.84 lakh families are living in the slums of Gujarat, where there is an acute shortage of facilities such as electricity, water and toilets. Compared to Gujarat, the slums of Kerala and Maharashtra are in a better condition.

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