'Happy Fridge' To Feed The Hungry In Bhubaneswar

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'Happy Fridge' To Feed The Hungry In Bhubaneswar
A Bhubaneshwar-based organisation has started a campaign to feed the hungry by installing refrigerators in the city. This initiative acquires significance because the world’s largest population of the hungry is in India. 

These fridges have been installed in two areas of Bhubaneshwar city. People keep their leftover food in these fridges, which is then used to feed the hungry. 

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Shyama Singh, head of the organisation, says that ‘Happy Fridge’ can prove to be an effective option in providing food to the poor. The aim is that no one should go hungry and no one should sleep on an empty stomach.

It is not that food grains, fruits and vegetables are not produced in sufficient quantity, due to which people have to sleep hungry. Figures reveal that each year, around 40% fruits and vegetables, and 30% foodgrains are ruined because there is an insufficient arrangement for their supply.

India is constantly slipping in a recent report of the Global Hunger Index. According to the new report, India is on 102nd rank and around 20 crore people go hungry in the country.

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