Heart-Rending Walk Of A Migrant Family

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Heart-Rending Walk Of A Migrant Family
The nationwide lockdown has razed to the ground the aspirations of lakhs of labourers who had left their sparse villages to reach gleaming metropolises in the hope of a better life.

Labourers have been left feeling so destitute and helpless by this sudden crisis that they are compelled to leave by foot for their homes hundreds of kilometres away in the hinterland. 

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Household items and children are also with them but the journey is long and they keep on walking in the hope of reaching their villages. 

Balkrishna Tiwari used to operate a loom in Maharashtra’s Bhiwandi but his Gujarati owner left him to fend for himself during the lockdown.

He has been walking, along with his wife and two children, for the last nine days. He is hopeful that he will reach his village in Uttar Pradesh’s Jaunpur in the next few days.

According to Tiwari, when his savings got over, there was no other option but to leave Bhiwandi for his home in UP. Tiwari’s wife has got blisters on her feet but they have been bandaged.

After walking for around nine days, the Tiwari family has found a truck in Bhopal. Hundreds of migrant labourers like Tiwari have set off on their onward journey by boarding trucks like these.

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