Holi Celebrations Begin In Uttarakhand And Nepal

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Holi Celebrations Begin In Uttarakhand And Nepal
They say that the colours of Holi decimate all discrimination and everyone gets coloured uniformly in their hues. Although there may still be some time left for Holi, traditional celebrations post-‘fagun’ have begun in Uttarakhand and Nepal and the colours of ‘fagun’ are visible already.

In Uttarakhand’s Haldwani, women are already immersed in Holi celebrations. While some women are singing traditional Holi songs, others are dancing and marking the beginning of Holi. This tradition of Baithaki Holi has been going on in Kumaon for ages. 

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According to women, today’s generation is forgetting how to celebrate festivals in the traditional manner. “Our aim is to keep the foundation of our heritage strong in the younger generation, for which Holi preparations in Kumaon and nearby areas begin even before Holi, so that the youth remain connected to age-old traditions,” they said.

Holi is celebrated with great fervour not just in India but in foreign countries as well. Traditional Holi celebrations have begun in India’s neighbouring nation Nepal too.

A traditional worship ceremony is organised before Holi in Nepal, during which people in very large numbers gather at one spot. After this, they greet each other by applying ‘gulaal’ and this round of greetings continues till the day of Holi dawns.

Given that the youth of today consider Holi a festival of unabashed and loud merrymaking, this practice of celebrating festivals in the traditional manner could prove effective in toning down such revelry.

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