Why Does Santa Claus Wear Red?

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How Did Santa Become Red?
Christmas is being celebrated with great gusto across the world. And amid this, children are ready to dive into the colours of their favourite Santa Claus. Have you ever wondered why Santa Claus is always seen in red-coloured clothes? If not, let’s tell you the secrets of Santa Claus’ red dress.

You will be surprised to know that Santa Claus, who fulfils everyone’s wishes, was brought to life, in his current form, by the Coca-Cola company. In 1931, when the Coca-Cola company was trying to make a name for itself in the world, it decided to use Santa Claus in an advertisement, where Santa Claus appeared in red-coloured clothes and a long white beard.

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The new picture of Santa Claus, which was revealed to the world in 1931, was made by an artist named Haddon Sundblom. Coca-Cola created an identity for itself overnight across the world with the Santa Claus advertisement.

From then on, Santa’s get-up became red and white and people began recognising him as Santa Claus.

Some people say that earlier Santa used to appear in blue, yellow and white clothes, while some say that he used to wear green clothes. No one knows what the real Santa looked like but people today know Santa Claus in the same avatar that the Coca-Cola company portrayed him in its advertisement. 

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