IAS Ashok Khemka Gets Transfer For 53rd Time In 28 Years Of Service

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IAS Ashok Khemka Gets Transfer For 53rd Time In 28
For the 53rd time, Ashok Khemka, a senior I.A.S. officer from Haryana, gets transferred in his 28 years of service. Khemka has now been made Principal Secretary in the Archives, Archaeology and Museums department.

Before this, he was Principal Secretary in the Science and Technology department. Khemka has been transferred after about eight months.

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On Wednesday, the Haryana government transferred 14 I.A.S. officers, including Khemka.

Revealing on Twitter that he has been transferred, Khemka said, “Transfer again. Back to the same place. Yesterday was Constitution Day. Today, the orders and rules of the Supreme Court were violated again. Some would be happy, he has reached the final destination. The award for honesty is humiliation.”

Before his transfer, Khemka had tweeted on the political developments in Maharashtra. He is counted among very honest officers. Khemka had been in the news after cancelling the land deal involving Robert Vadra and DLF.

Several times in the past, he has even been transferred to places where junior officers are posted. For the past many days, Khemka had not been given the responsibility of any major department. Before the BJP government, in the Congress’ Hooda government too, Khemka had been transferred 22 times.

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