After Leaving Kharkiv, Students Stuck in Other Towns

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Indian students appeal for evacuation from towns outside Kharkiv

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Though the Indian government has launched an operation to fetch students stuck in four neighbouring countries to Ukraine, hundreds of students are still stuck in smaller towns inside the country. These four girl students from Kharkiv left the city aftrer the government advised to leave the town 3 days ago, but they are now stuck 1000 kms from the Polish border. There names are Harpreet Kaur, Diksha, Sargundeep and Shelwin, according to their social media posts for help.  They say they are originally from Punjab. They have walked more than 8 kms away from Kharkiv but there is no transportation for further travel. They claim it is difficult to organise food for nearly 2000 students as the towns are being bombed by Russian forces. "We are as far away from the border as Delhi is from Bangladesh', they say. Indian authorities have sent out an adviosory on Thursday detailing how to survive in a cold climate. India has no presence in Ukraine currently. But the girls say they need help and do not have enough rations and are now feeling physically weak after walikng many miles during the night. 



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