COVID-19: India's Bonhomie With Arab Nations On Edge

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India's Bonhomie With Arab Nations On Edge
The coronavirus epidemic is spreading rapidly in the country but Muslims, who are in a minority, are being targeted for it.

The reason is a programme organised by the Nizamuddin-based Tablighi Jamaat, where the coronavirus infection spread among around 4,000 people who participated in it.

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After this, several people in the country and those working in Gulf countries began attacking minority Muslims on social media. Residents of Arab countries have reacted strongly to this.

In light of this, a systematic campaign was organised on Twitter, through which it was demanded that people who are attacking minority Muslims online while residing in Arab countries should be deported from there. 

The matter escalated to such an extent that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to issue a clarification that the coronavirus does not discriminate between religions and castes and the battle against it can be won only through unity.

Indian diplomats posted in Gulf countries re-tweeted this statement of PM Modi and also advised people to stay away from hatred.

Meanwhile, Parliament data shows that more than 1 crore Indians are currently residing abroad. Among them, 83 lakh 72 thousand 333 Indians are living in the seven Islamic countries of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Malaysia to earn their livelihood.

A World Bank report states that in the year 2018, these Indian citizens strengthened the country’s economy by sending $76.6 billion to India.

This figure was the highest in the world. In this matter, after India comes China and Mexico. 

Apart from this, a Reserve Bank of India report in 2018 says that among remittances from abroad sent by Indians, the highest (26.9%) comes from the UAE. After this, comes the United States at 22.9%, Saudi Arabia at 11.6%, Qatar at 6.5%, Kuwait at 5.5% and Oman at 3%. 

That is, 76.4% out of the total remittances comes from just six nations.

If the US is removed from this, then more than half of the remittances from abroad sent to India, that is 53.4%, comes from Gulf countries.

Evidently, no country wants to sour its relations with nations which are contributing towards strengthening its economy.

The question that arises is whether people giving a communal tinge to the coronavirus epidemic will understand this?

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