Infant Death Toll Rises To 112 In Kota

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Infant Death Toll Rises To 112 In Kota
Infant deaths show no signs of abating in Kota’s J K Lone Hospital, which has been in the news for the past month on account of deaths of newborn babies.

On Monday, with the deaths of two more infants, the death toll since December, 2019, has increased to 112. These 112 deaths in the J K Lone Hospital have taken place in the past 38 days.

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Rajasthan’s Gehlot government is being targeted by the Opposition given the continuing infant deaths.

The J K Lone Hospital -- the largest government hospital for children in Kota -- is now facing tough questions due to unending infant deaths. In the year 2019, 963 children have died in the J K Lone Hospital.

Apart from Rajasthan’s Kota, at Bikaner’s PBM Children’s Hospital, 162 children have died in the month of December last year. In the entire year 2019, a total of 1,681 children have died at PBM Children’s Hospital.  

Apart from Kota and Bikaner, 146 children have died in Jodhpur’s Sampurnanand Medical College, among which 102 were infants.

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