Jharkhand: For Not Wearing Mask, Citizens Will Pay More Than Their Average Annual Income

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Jharkhand: For Not Wearing Mask, Citizens Will Pay

Jharkhand is among the poorest states of the country but the penalty here is the highest for breaking the rules made to prevent coronavirus. After the approval of an ordinance, the Hemant Soren government has made a provision of a fine of Rs 1 lakh on those who do not wear masks. Apart from this, those who flout the rules can also be jailed for two years.

However, the statistics of the Union Ministry of Statistics show that the annual average income of the people in Jharkhand is Rs 76,019. That is, in Jharkhand, a person may have to pay a fine for not wearing a mask that’s more than he earns in a year. When a citizen’s income is not so much in the state, then from where will he get the money to pay the fine.

This rule may not be a bad idea for other states as the per capita income is less than Rs 1 lakh in 10 states of the country. According to the data, the capita income is at the lowest at Rs 43,822 in Bihar. Rs 66,512 in Uttar Pradesh, Rs 69,978 in Manipur, Rs 76,019 in Jharkhand and Rs 82,078 in Assam. Similarly, Rs 89,024 in Meghalaya, Rs 90,998 in Madhya Pradesh, Rs 91,882 in Jammu and Kashmir, Rs 95,164 in Odisha and Rs 96,887 in Chhattisgarh.

Among the richest states of the country, Goa is number one, where per capita income is Rs 4,58,304. Delhi has Rs 3,65,529, Sikkim has Rs 3,57,643, Chandigarh has Rs 3,29,209, and Rs 2,36,147 rupees in Haryana.

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