Karnataka Farmer Fit As A Fiddle At 91

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Karnataka Farmer Fit As A Fiddle At 91
B Patil, a 91-year-old farmer from Karnataka’s Kalburgi, still works in the fields. Farming is the only secret of his fitness. Mr Patil, who has been farming for years does not fall ill, too.

He sweats it out in his fields even at this advanced age. In the age of tractors, he uses only oxen in his fields. He reaches his fields at 10 am and continues to work till 6 pm. 

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He has been engaged in farming on his 30-acre plot of land since the days of his youth. He grows pulses, peas, paddy, wheat and soybean in his fields.

His sons have asked him to stop working in the field keeping in mind his age, but that has not stopped him. He continues to work daily in the fields.

This life of B Patil tells us that it does not matter which field of work you are in, you should keep working even at an advanced age. There is no other effective mantra to fitness than this.

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