Love Of Food Reaches Dizzy Heights

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Love Of Food Reaches Dizzy Heights
A fly dining restaurant catering to adventure lovers and foodies has opened in Agra, where tourists can enjoy delicious food at a height of 150 feet.

Tourists can enjoy warm, delectable food and also get a glimpse of the majestic Taj Mahal from this fly-dining restaurant, which has opened in Agra’s Kalakriti Ground. It is suspended at a height of 150 feet through a crane.

People coming here can order anything from breakfast to dinner. Along with Indian cuisine, continental and Asian food will also be served here.

Tourists can also enjoy music and photography here.

People coming here say that they are seeing this view for the first time in Agra and are feeling a different kind of joy here. The pleasure of seeing the Taj Mahal from a height of 150 feet is unique.

Fly dining restaurant director Manoj Agarwal says that the restaurant in Agra is the country’s third fly dining restaurant after Hyderabad and Noida.

This 24-seater restaurant has been designed keeping in mind the safety of tourists. Sensors have been installed in tables and chairs, which will go off if the wind speed increases. There are three types of security belts here, and people under 4.5 feet and children are not allowed entry at the moment.

People are arriving here to see the Taj Mahal and enjoy food while suspended mid-air. Hopefully, this restaurant will help boost tourism in Agra.

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