Madurai Jasmine Prices Soar, 1 Kg Costs Over Rs 3,000

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Madurai Jasmine Prices Soar, 1 Kg Costs Over Rs 3,
The prices of jasmine flowers are skyrocketing in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai these days. A few days ago, while jasmine flowers were being sold for Rs 1,500-1,800 per kilo, on Tuesday, their price suddenly went past Rs 3,000. Due to this, neither are customers buying them nor are traders able to sell them at reasonable rates.

According to shopkeepers, the prices of jasmine flowers have increased due to the continuous rainfall, because of which, the blossom has fallen off the plant and this has caused a lot of damage to the jasmine crop.

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Jasmine flowers are cultivated in Madurai’s Usilampatti, Thottappan Kuran, Poochipatti and Uttapanayaknoor and exported to Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai on a large scale.

But there has been a decline in the production of these flowers due to rainfall in the past few days. Due to this, exports have declined and the price of jasmine flowers has increased to Rs 3,000-3,5000 per kg.

These flowers are used in temples, and for making hair ornaments like gajra and flower jewellery. Jasmine flowers are cultivated on more than 20,000 hectares in Tamil Nadu, through which farmers produce 60,000 tonnes of jasmine flowers annually.

In Madurai alone, 20,000 farmers are involved in jasmine farming. However, now jasmine farmers are also forced to bear the brunt of unseasonal rains.

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