Sharad Pawar: We Have The Numbers, Will Defeat BJP-Led Govt On Floor Of The House

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Maharashtra Mahadrama
In a stunning turnaround, Devendra Fadnavis was early on Saturday morning sworn in as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra with the NCP leader Ajit Pawar lending support as Deputy CM, sparking accusations against the Centre that it's violating constitutional norms.

Later in the day, in a joint press conference with the Congress and Shiv Sena in Mumbai, NCP President Sharad Pawar said action will be taken against all those who have participated in the swearing-in ceremony on Saturday.

"All the MLAs who are going must know that there is an anti-defection law and the possibility of them losing their assembly membership is high."

"We have the majority. After defeating the BJP on the floor of the House, we will prove it," says NCP Chief Sharad Pawar. "Today, a new NCP legislative party leader will be elected here at 4 pm."

Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray says, "This is a surgical strike on democracy and the people of Maharashtra."

Meanwhile, the BJP has held a press conference in Delhi in which Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said: "Throughout the election campaign, Devendra Fadnavis' name was projected as the Maharashtra Chief Minister. The support base of BJP and the prospect of Devendra Fadnavis becoming CM, played a crucial role in success of Shiv Sena candidates".

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