'Mercy Mission' For Kite-Hit Birds In Gujarat

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'Mercy Mission' For Kite-Hit Birds In Gujarat
The Gujarat state government had launched a ‘Karuna Abhiyan’ (Mercy Mission) a few years ago for birds injured from kite threads during the Kite Festival, under which injured birds are treated and released.

The state government organises the Mercy Mission in entire Gujarat each year between January 10 and 20. Under this Mission, doctors treat birds that have been injured by kite threads. 

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This time, 38 centres to rescue and save birds have been set up in Vadodara alone. Apart from this, five ambulances and two mobile vans have also been pressed into service for the safety of birds.

Doctors in Vadodara try their best to save injured birds, so that they can fly freely once more in open skies. Doctors say that a team of senior and junior doctors has been deployed at every centre, so that birds can be rescued as soon as they suffer injuries.

Meanwhile, the Forest Officer has appealed to people to consider the safety of birds while flying kites and not use Chinese threads, as it causes the largest number of injuries to birds.

Kite flying takes off in full swing before the festival of Makar Sankranti not just in Vadodara but in nearby cities as well. Due to this, while the skies get coloured in multiple hues, there is no place left for birds to fly and they suffer injuries from the sharp threads used in kites.

Despite innumerable efforts by the government to dissuade people from kite-flying, there seems to be no impact on them and hundreds of hapless birds either get injured or end up dead.