MP: BJP MLA Opens Front Against Party Minister Over Farmers’ Plight 

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MP: BJP MLA Opens Front Against His Party’s Minist

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Madhya Pradesh BJP is preparing for the by-election, under the leadership of state CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan. But there is an ongoing tussle in the midst of this election. BJP MLA Virender Raghuvanshi from Kolaras Legislative Assembly of Shivpuri district has advised his government's minister to focus on farmers instead of by-elections.

This year, there has been a record yield of wheat in Madhya Pradesh, but the MP Government failed to make arrangements for weighing and procuring the farmers' produce. Three farmers died waiting in line during wheat weighing and millions of tonnes of wheat were ravaged by rain as it was kept under the open sky.

Seeing increasing resentment among farmers, BJP MLA Virender Raghuvanshi also attacked Jyotiraditya Scindia's supporters and Food and Supplies, Cooperation Minister Govind Singh Rajput of the Shivraj cabinet. He said that 'Govind Singh Rajput Ji don't worry about the by-election. You will win in the name of Shivraj Singh Ji and Lotus(BJP's logo), but pay attention to your department as well.'

BJP MLA called everyone from the co-operative sector officer to the employee, a thief. He said that corruption is happening in societies and farmers are having to stand in lines for many days but even after that their wheat is not weighed.

Minister Govind Singh Rajput denied all allegations of BJP MLA but the plight of farmers in the state is a bitter truth that cannot be denied. It is said that due to the Mandsaur incident, the fort of the Shivraj government was shaken and he lost power. 

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