MP: Doctors Strike Over Unpaid Salary For 3 Months In Sagar

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MP: Doctors Strike Over Unpaid Salary For 3 Months
Doctors and health workers are on the front lines during the Coronavirus pandemic, but in many states, they are not getting paid on time.

Conflict arose between the doctors and the administration of Bundelkhand Medical College in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar district. About 69 junior doctors and health workers have not been paid for the last three months and it has become difficult for them to make ends meet.

After an uproar, the doctors were earlier promised to get a salary transfer in seven days.

Even after the 7-day period ended, the salaries did not come, following which the doctors started a strike, causing disruptions in health services in Bundelkhand Medical College.

Sagar BJP MLA Shailendra Jain then met with the doctors and asked for a three-day extension.

Presently, the doctors have ended their strike saying that if they do not get their salary in the next three days, they will go on indefinite strike.

Dr RS Verma, Dean of the Medical College, is in talks with senior officials of the administration in facilitating salary transfers.

However, this is not the first case when medics are protesting at Sagar's Bundelkhand Medical College.

Last month, the medical staff were given PPE kits which had no shoe covers and sometimes hoods and masks were found missing. The medical staff created a ruckus about this as well.

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