MP: Few Hours Of Rain Leads To Waterlogging In Jabalpur Residential Areas

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MP: Few Hours Of Rain Leads To Waterlogging In Jab
Since last night, there has been heavy rainfall in the Mahakaushal area of Madhya Pradesh, after which the urban areas have been flooded. In just three hours of rain in Jabalpur, water entered all the residential areas, and houses were flooded. The water swamped the houses, created an atmosphere of chaos, and got people up in the middle of the night.

After incessant rain for a few hours, the failure of Jabalpur Municipal Corporation has been exposed due to water entering the residential areas. Waterlogging shows that the drainage system of the city is either weak or absent.

Meanwhile, the Indian Meteorological Department has issued heavy rain warnings in 11 districts of the state - Hoshangabad, Jabalpur, Raisen, Vidisha, Sehore, Betul, Chhatarpur, Mandla, Balaghat, Sagar and Seoni. In the last 24 hours in Madhya Pradesh, 150 mm in Jabalpur and Umaria, more than 100 mm in Dabra, Mehdwani, 85 mm in Shahpura, Sehore, Tedukheda, 70 in Shyampur, Beohari, Rajgarh, 60 in Sidhi, Samnapur, Kattivada, Ramnagar, Dhimarkheda, Biaora has recorded 55 mm of rainfall. However, according to the Meteorological Department, Madhya Pradesh still recorded 20 percent less rainfall than the average.

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