MP: Left Jobless By Lockdown, Man Forced To Steal In Indore

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MP: Left Jobless By Lockdown, Man Forced To Steal
A man who was left jobless by the nationwide Lockdown was forced to steal in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore to feed his family.

The man, when asked about his motive, said that his children were hungry and he had no other means to provide for his family but to steal.

He had lost his job due to the lockdown and there was nothing to eat in the house, so he tried to steal.

According to Indore Police sub-inspector Kalpana Chauhan, the theft took place in Vaishnav Nagar of Aerodrum Police Station. When the police arrived on the scene, the accused was hiding in the balcony.

The man identified himself as 21-year-old Rohit Balai, a resident of Sundernagar.

To verify Rohit’s claims, the police then visited his home and found that, there was no ration and the family was in poor financial condition. Moved by their plight, the police then transported ration to Rohit’s house.

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