MP: Raj Bhavan Declared Containment-Free Zone In A Week, New Patient Found The Next Day

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MP: Raj Bhavan Declared Containment-Free Zone In A

A day after the Madhya Pradesh Raj Bhavan was declared Containment Free Zone, a new patient emerged soon after. With this, the number of corona patients found in Raj Bhavan is now 11. Last week, 10 corona patients were found at Raj Bhavan. Among them, an assistant, a sweeper, and his family members were found corona positive.

Last week, after the arrival of 10 patients, the administration had banned the movement in Raj Bhavan and declared the campus as a containment zone. 395 people were tested on campus to locate corona patients.

It usually takes 21 days to declare an area as a containment free zone, but the Raj Bhavan was declared a container free zone in just one week.

After the stir caused by the new patient, thermal screening work has started outside the entry gate of Raj Bhavan. Now, along with scanning of every person, his data is also being kept. A certificate of not having symptoms of cold, fever, etc. is also being taken from the visitors

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