MP Tailor Sews Masks For Villagers Amid Shortage

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MP Tailor Sew Masks For Villagers Amid Shortage
The havoc caused by the coronavirus continues across the world, including in India. Since no treatment is available and no vaccine has been found yet, people can protect themselves from the coronavirus only by taking precautions.

But in India, where 21% of the population lives below the poverty line, many people cannot even afford to buy sanitisers and masks.

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Amid this, several common people are coming forward to help others in this time of crisis. 

One such person is Narender, aged 22, from Madhya Pradesh’s Bundelkhand. Narender works as a tailor and when work stopped due to the lockdown, he began making masks free of cost for poor villagers using small pieces of cloth lying around in his shop.

So far, Narender has made 150 cloth masks and distributed them in the village. 

It can be said that India is fighting not just this life-threatening disease but is also combating hunger, unemployment, water shortage and several other problems at the same time. 

In such a scenario, this battle cannot be won by the government alone and the contribution of people like Narender is equally important.

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