Football Coach Sells Vegetables in Mumbai After Losing Job During Lockdown

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Mumbai: Football Coach Now Sells Vegetables After

Thousands of teachers and coaches have lost their jobs due to school closures in the coronavirus pandemic. After this, many principals, teachers, and coaches removed recently from their jobs are forced to work as hawkers. In this episode, a new name has been added. Prasad Bhosle of Mumbai, who is now selling vegetables. Prasad Bhonsle was a football coach at a school in Mumbai but was fired from his job during the lockdown.

Bhonsle told the news agency ANI, “I have been selling vegetables for the last two months. Initially, I used to sell in the streets and the neighborhood, but the authority drove me away. After that, I have bought a rented shop for which I have to pay thousands of rupees every month.”

Bhonsle was a football coach at a school in Mumbai for five years and he used to get a salary of Rs 25,000 per month. Bhosle earns Rs 500–600 every day from the vegetable shop. He said that along with this, he has also started the home delivery of vegetables. In addition, he has created a Facebook page on social media and has given his phone number to order.

There are four people in Prasad Bhonsle’s family including his parents and he does not feel small or awkward selling vegetables. He said that when the situation is like this, then whom should we complain to?

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