NCRB: Every Third Inmate In India Is Either Dalit Or Adivasi

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NCRB: Every Third Inmate In India Is Dalit Or Adiv
The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) has released figures related to the religious and caste identity of inmates in 1,339 prisons across the country. Latest figures reveal that every third prison inmate in the country is either a Dalit or a Tribal.

The number of inmates in the country’s prisons till December 31, 2018, is 3,23,537. Among these, 67,050 prisoners are Dalits (Scheduled Castes) and 35,102 prisoners are Tribals (Scheduled Tribes), while 1,30,997 prisoners are from Other Backward Classes (OBCs).

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Now, if the number of SC and ST prisoners is collated, the figure reaches 1,02,152, which reveals that their number in jails is around one-third, while the population of these two communities in the country is 25%.

According to the 2011 caste census, there are 16.6% of people from SC and 8.6% people from ST in India.

Meanwhile, the largest number of Dalit and Tribal inmates -- at 21,595 – is incarcerated in the prisons of Uttar Pradesh. There are 10,845 Dalit and Tribal inmates in Madhya Pradesh, 8,766 in Bihar, 7,051 in Jharkhand, 6,838 in Odisha, 6,180 in Rajasthan, 5,932 in Chhattisgarh, 5,686 in Punjab, 3,654 in Haryana and 3,594 in Delhi.   

Among Dalit inmates, the maximum number of them —f at 17,931 — are behind bars in UP, while the maximum number of Tribal inmates -- at 5,702  -- are incarcerated in the prisons of MP. 

The number of those prisoners in the country who are forced to remain behind bars and have been waiting for their hearings for several years runs into thousands. Among them, most are poor and uneducated, who cannot find or afford a lawyer to represent them.

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