'Nepal Guards Dragged Me From Indian Side' Claims Released Indian National

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'Nepal Guards Dragged Me Away From The Indian bord

Lagan Kishore, an Indian citizen in the custody of Nepal Police, has been released after 24 hours. On Friday morning, Nepali soldiers opened fire near the Indo-Nepal border in Sitamarhi district of Bihar. One person was killed in this action while two people were injured. At the same time, Lagan Kishore was taken captive by Nepali soldiers. Then SP Gangaram Shrestha of Sarlahi district of Nepal claimed that Lagan Kishore tried to snatch the weapons of Nepalese guards after which he was detained.

After the release, Lagan Kishore is telling the exact opposite story. According to him, all Indian citizens fled towards the Indian border after firing of Nepalese guards but the Nepalese guards pulled them from the Indian border and took them to their border. 'He hit me with the butt of the rifle and took me to Sangrampur,' Kishore said.

'The Nepalese soldiers made pressure to confess that they caught me in the Nepal border and not in the Indian border. I told him clearly that I should be killed too, but I would say that I have been brought here from the Indian border.'

The police of Sitamarhi district are investigating the entire case. At the same time, the police of Surlahi district of Nepal have also prepared their report. The SSB has submitted a report to the Ministry of Home Affairs on the basis of the initial developments, but this incident of border firing has certainly brought bitter relations between the two countries.

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