Odisha: Elderly Woman Harassed As 'Witch'

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Odisha: Elderly Woman Harassed As 'Witch'
A 63-year-old Odisha woman has been harassed since her childhood for being a witch because of a rare physical condition.

Kumari Nayak lives in Odisha’s Kadapada village. Since childhood, she has been tolerating harassment due to superstition.

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The reason for this is that she has 20 toes instead of 10 and 12 fingers instead of 10.

Kumari Nayak stays at home all the time because people in the neighbourhood call her a ‘witch’. The superstition is so deep-rooted that people do not let their children go near her.

Local doctors say that an elderly woman is being subjected to harassment stemming from superstition due to poverty.

Cases of torture due to lack of physical development have previously come to light in Odisha.

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