Over 10% Adults In India Have Mental Disorders: Health Ministry

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Over 10% Adults In India With Mental Disorders: He
More than 10% of the adult population in India suffers from mental illnesses and around 1% population has an intense tendency to commit suicide. According to a survey conducted by the Health Ministry in 2015-2016, 15 crore people in India need help to deal with mental illnesses.

Around 5.4% people suffer from disorders caused by one or the other type of intoxication, while 4.6% people are struggling to deal with alcoholism.

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Around 0.4% people are suffering from schizophrenia, 2.8% from mood disorders, 0.3% from bipolar disorders and 2.7% from depressive disorder. Around 3.5% people suffer from neurotic disorder, 1.9% are dealing with phobia and anxiety and 0.8% people are suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

The most worrying facet of this survey is that around 1% population has an intense tendency to commit suicide and this inclination was pronounced in women in the age-group of 40-49 in urban areas.

According to this survey, one out of 20 people suffers from depression in India. The rate of depression was 7.5 in the age-group of 18-29, 14.6 in the age-group of 30-39, 18.4 in the age-group of 40-49, 16.1 in the age-group of 50-59 and 15.1 in the age-group of 60-69.

The rate of mental growth among children aged 13 to 17 is 7.3% and around double the number of cases from rural areas were found in cities.

The highest rate of mental disorders was 14.1% in Manipur, while it was lowest in Assam at 5.8%. It was around 6% in Uttar Pradesh, 7.4% in Gujarat, 10.7% in Rajasthan, 11.1% in Jharkhand, 11.4% in Kerala, 11.7% in Chhattisgarh, 11.8% in Tamil Nadu, 13% in West Bengal, 13.4 in Punjab and 13.9% in Madhya Pradesh.

This survey has been prepared after speaking to more than 34,000 people in 44 districts of 12 states and it reveals that a campaign against mental illnesses is urgently needed in the country.

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