Over 1,600 Children Behind Bars With Incarcerated Mothers

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Over 1,600 Children Behind Bars With Incarcerated
Underage children of women prisoners are forced to stay with their mothers in jails across the country. According to new figures presented in the Lok Sabha, 1,681 minors are incarcerated along with their mothers in India.

The law states that if a mother goes to prison for committing an offence, she can keep her child, till the age of six, with her. Due to this law, 1,681 children are compelled to stay with their mothers in prisons across India.

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According to the latest figures of the Home Ministry, till December 31, 2017, 12,684 women under-trials in jails around the country were awaiting decision in their court cases.

Among these, the most number of mothers -- at 2,637 -- are imprisoned, along with their 416 children, across Uttar Pradesh.

In West Bengal, 911 mothers with 192 children, in Bihar 1,249 mothers with 166 children, in Madhya Pradesh, 731 mothers with 159 kids, in Jharkhand, 614 mothers with 109 children, in Maharashtra, 1,085 mothers with 101 kids, in Punjab, 722 mothers with 52 children and in Rajasthan, 402 mothers with 52 kids, are accursed to stay in prisons.

Among Union territories and north-eastern states, in Delhi, 447 mothers with 35 kids, in Assam, 226 mothers with 28 kids, in Mizoram, 71 mothers with seven children, in Meghalaya, 17 mothers with six kids, in Tripura, 14 mothers with four children and in Chandigarh, 20 mothers with three kids are spending time behind bars.

Meanwhile, in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Puducherry, no child is currently in prison along with their mothers.

The biggest question is despite the guidelines of the Supreme Court, given the low budget and lax attitude, do children in prisons have access to necessities such as a nutritious diet, sanitary conditions and medical attention?

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